Native file format APIs for a worldwide audience

Software and app developers the world over rely on Aspose products for working with several types of data files and building platform-independent applications full of unique file management features.

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Truly platform-independent file format processing

Being a global provider of file format manipulation APIs, we understand that users from different parts of the world have different preferences. Therefore, we strive to provide localized versions of our services to make our users comfortable while using any Aspose API. Our localized versions are intended at meeting the specific requirements of customers belonging to different regions globally, enabling them to work with files in their native language with ease.

Users can benefit from faster file processing times, improved accuracy, a great feature set, platform independence, and massive file format support regardless of where you are located when using the Aspose API suite.

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Exclusive API suite for manipulating all well-known file formats

Worldwide user community

Aspose takes pride in helping users belong to different businesses based all around the world. These APIs enable our worldwide audience and community of developers to smoothly process hundreds of office and image file formats on a platform of their choice.

Speed and scalability

The native libraries of Aspose perform faster regardless of the file size and could easily read or write large files. You can confidently use Aspose products in a multi-tasking environment by unlocking the full range of capabilities on offer.

Cross-platform support

Develop applications and software components for web, mobile, or desktop interfaces using Aspose API products on the platform you like most. These native file format APIs support .NET, Java, C++, Android, PHP, JasperReports, ReportingServices, SharePoint, Python, and Node.js.

Free Up Your Time

You can have complete peace of mind and invest your time and efforts into planning, reviewing, and other crucial elements of the app development lifecycle, leaving everything else to Aspose APIs.

Ease of Use and Simplicity

From loading, processing, and finalizing to exporting a file on your desired platform, it’s a straightforward process without any unwanted diversions, facilitating a great user experience.


Load, edit, convert and manipulate more than 100 data file types including PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, RTF, TXT, EML, MSG, MPP, DWG, PNG, PSD, EPUB, HTML, CAD, 3D, OCR, OMR, among others.


With an all-inclusive subscription structure, we are always looking out for our users. Are you looking for a single-user plan or multiple subscriptions for the whole team? Our subscription plans cover all your needs depending on your financial and team requirements.

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